Consider This Revived…

Soooo… it’s been almost a full two years since my last post on here, and yet yesterday I receive a notification that someone liked “Journey Reunion” and started following me.  Me?! And that reminds me, I haven’t written anything in my travel blog in almost two years.  Oh damn.  What a slacker.   And I’ve traveled.  Dare […]

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Journey Reunion

The basis of my trip last year to Asia centered around an opportunity I received to travel to Korea to experience the land from which I came.  This year, the same company that sponsored that trip planned a reunion trip and they invited any past members to join. Again, I jumped at the chance.  While last […]

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Yokohama and Ramen

So, I made a decision when planning what I would do around Tokyo, that I would venture on the train system more and try to get outside the city.  Initially I wanted to go to Kamakura, but it’s an hour and a half by train each way, and I felt like I never got up early […]

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Tokyo Round II

This summer I decided to take another trip to Japan/Korea. The same company that sponsored the trip to Korea last year is doing a 20 year reunion trip for any past participants.  This year the trip spans a week rather than two, and we are hitting different spots in Korea.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tokyo last […]

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And So it Ends

The last two days in Phuket were what I came to Thailand for. Beautiful water, beaches, just nature in general that I can’t see in Miami. In some ways it was exactly what I expected and wanted, in others, it was somewhat of a disappointment. Let me explain… The first day trip I went on […]

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My Worst Experience So Far

My trip is winding down. I will be back to the life that is my reality in less than five days. Besides the brief bouts of loneliness (which I suppose can be experienced anywhere, anyway) I have thoroughly enjoyed my trip and I’m not homesick at all. Sure, maybe I miss my dog and some […]

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